Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes and Onions

Combines the earthy goodness of baby potatoes and the sweet savoriness of red onions and you have a quick and easy recipe

Ingredients to make the air fryer potatoes and onions


In a large mixing bowl, combine the halved baby potatoes, sliced red onions, Montreal steak spices mix, and oil.


Toss the ingredients together until the potatoes and onions are evenly coated with the spices and oil.

Transfer the seasoned potatoes and onions to the air fryer basket, spreading them out in a single layer. Avoid overcrowding to ensure even cooking.

Cook  at 375°F for approximately 20-30 minutes minutes, shaking the basket or tossing the ingredients halfway through the cooking time

To achieve optimal crispiness, spread the seasoned potatoes and onions in a single layer in the air fryer basket.


To get the full  recipe click on the link below

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